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01. Outputs - Documents & Files
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Information can be output to Documents and will follow the format of the template.


Select OUTPUT from the menu. 


Fig 1: Output menu



From the dropdown select one of the following:


  • Document (.docx)  - exports all contents of the document template. 
  • Document and associated files (.zip)  - exports all contents of the document template including any attached files i.e. literature, certificates, drawings, models etc


Once the output type is selected, more dropdown lists will appear.


Fig 2: Output menu selections



  • Output template - This is set to a default but can be changed to a customised template to include a cover page, headers and footers.
  • Document(s) Filter: Selects the start point for the output. For example you can select the whole document or a section.


Once the start point has been selected, select CREATE and await a notification in your email inbox with a link to download. 


Once downloaded you will need to format and index the document ready for distribution or print.


Refer to Output - Printing/ Electronic media section for details or view the FAQ's.

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