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01. User Management - Introduction
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To access the User Management features click on the MANAGE (1) cog icon. 


The Site Management page will display as (Fig 01). 


You Security Access Levels control what features are available for you to administer.


Fig 01 - User Management


To add Users, you will need to select the project from the drop down as shown in Item (2) above.


Once a project is selected you can switch on further information related to user activity (3). 


  • Show access level - What access a user has within a Document
  • Show access expiry - A users access can have an expiry date set, this will show when it has expired
  • Show data last viewed - When the user last viewed the Document
  • Show date project invite sent - When the invite was sent 
  • Show role description - What role the user has within the Document 


Fig 02 - User Management Icons


If there are any further queries then please refer to our User Management FAQ's or contact us using Livechat.

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