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03. Removing Users
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Before removing a user consider if they have any outstanding actions or reviews.  Fig 01 shows how to remove a user.


  • Navigate to the MANAGE button within Site 
  • Select the Project from the drop down list (all Projects within the Site will be listed)
  • Right Click on the user that needs to be removed 
  • Select to either remove the user from the Project or the Site. Removing from the Site will automatically remove from all Projects 
  • Confirm you wish to remove the user


Fig 01 - Removing a User

Note: Removing a user from a Project will remove their security access levels to each document. However, their name will remain in the list of users. 


Removing a user from a Site will remove both their security access levels and their name from the list of users.



If there are any further queries then please refer to our User Management FAQ's or contact us using Livechat.

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